200 Potential Journey – Can any randomly introduced wonderkids make it big on Football Manager 2013?

So, quickly, here’s the premise of a new save I’ve started using the official data editor: I’ve created a new data file with seven made up players to whom I’ve given the maximum 200 potential, I’ve then let them loose in the game as free agents and I will follow their careers to see what clubs they join and if they can take advantage of their huge talent to become some of the best ever footballers.

Let’s get started then. My initial plan was to wait a year and see what the players had achieved but I couldn’t wait so after two months I returned from holiday to see only one of the seven players had failed to find a club.

The players are: James Briscoe (eponymously named) from England.

James Briscoe

As you can see he was signed by Spurs, on August 8 2012, only a month in to the game which I find quite incredible really.

Jeffry Hidalgo is Costa Rican and the only player not to be spotted yet which shows the sort of talent that might be out there in the more exotic countries just waiting to be snapped up for free! Jeffry is based on a friend I made when I visited Costa Rica in 2008. He had played for a big local side called Club Sport Heredianos and I even had the pleasure of playing football with him.

Jeffry Hidalgo

George Best is a Portuguese winger inspired by two of my football heroes, the late Northern Irish winger, George Best, who helped Man United to their first European Cup and Cristiano Ronaldo who was unstoppable in the English Premier Division for three years.

I left these guys’ attributes completely blank so the game has chosen them. Best’s 3 strength worries me but his skill could still see him become a great player.

George Best

Best has been snapped up by Portuguese second division club, Varzim. It makes you wonder how these lowly clubs find great potential players.

Gordon Banks is a French striker who’s been signed by French third division outfit from the north, FC Rouen, and has scored one goal in six. Banks is obviously named after the legendary English goalkeeper.

Gordon Banks

Eric Cantona is named after one of my favourite ever players and idols; I’ve always wanted to play like him, with skill and flair.

My created player signed for Ligue 2 club, Auxerre, in August 2012, where he played 2 games before being dropped to the reserves where he’s scored one goal in one game.

Eric Cantona

Dom Johnson is a little English attacking midfielder who was signed by Glasgow Rangers in the Scottish third division. Something tells me he’s too good for that level so Rangers better start moving up the leagues.

Dom is based on a lad I used to train with – he was in the first team and I was in the reserves!

Johnson’s played four games, scored one goal and bagged two assists plus a PoM award since signing.

Dom Johnson

Giorgio Genoa is a player who represents my fondness for Genoa FC. His stats don’t look great at the moment which shows how easy it is to dismiss young players to your detriment.

He’s signed to Catanzaro who play in Serie C1/B.

Giorgio Genoa

I’m surprised six of these players have been signed already and it shows how quick you have to be on FM13 if you want to sign the best young players before anyone else!

Who do you think will become the best player?

Keep an eye on my blog and Twitr @footymanagermad¬†for updates on my created players’ careers. Who will win a World Cup? Who will be England captain?

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