200 Potential Journey – how are wonderkids Cantona and Best et al getting on?

In-game date: 2 July 2013

It’s been about a year in-game since I introduced seven wonderkids in to FM13 and some have made more progress than others.

Last time I wrote about the super seven only one hadn’t found a club, Jeffry Hidalgo. Unfortunately, he’s quit football now and cannot be found.

Eric Cantona, 15, is still in Auxerre’s Under 19s, Auxerre have been promoted to Ligue 1 so if he makes many appearances this season (2013/14), his price could sky-rocket from his modest 500k present value.

Gordon Banks remains at Rouen who are languishing in the French fourth division. His stats are still unimpressive and he only scored two goals in his first season.

At only 18-years-old though he has plenty of time to build on his talents.

Banks 2013

George Best, 17, is still at Varzim in Portugal’s third tier where he made 18 appearances in his first season.

His technical skills are obvious, however, he’s still quite weak and slow. Maybe he will end up a centre attacking midfielder instead of a winger.

I’ve a feeling he’s going to have a good career though.

James Briscoe, 15, made one appearance in the English Premier Division in 2012/13 and ‘could be the next Teddy Sheringham’.

He is also described as a similar type of player to Jake Livermore possibly due to being very tall and having the stats to be a good centre midfielder. I had expected him to be an attacking midfielder but FM13 had other ideas.

Briscoe 2012

Briscoe is valued at 375k at the moment but, being a model pro, I can see him blossoming and adding a naught to that value in a year or two.

It’s exciting times for English attacking midfielder, Dom Johnson, 17, who’s been signed from Rangers by Premier Division club Wigan Athletic for £1m.

Currently, he must be the most developed of the super seven wonderkids and is labelled ‘the next Paul Gascoigne’ – no pressure then.

Dom Johnson.PNG2

I’ve made a big decision which will affect how I report on the careers of these guys. Instead of simply seeing where they are on a certain date once a year, I’m going to introduce a manager in to the game so I can keep a closer eye on the players.

I will do my best not to influence their careers and I won’t buy any of them unless you guys think I should.

One comment on “200 Potential Journey – how are wonderkids Cantona and Best et al getting on?

  1. Would love to read more things like this.
    I like seeing the journey they are on and where it takes them.
    I did the same thing with myself starting out at Aberdeen then moving to the English championship with Crewe, never made it to the Prem but it was a fun way of playing fm just watching rather than playing.
    Thing I liked best was I finished my career with Aberdeen (made my players preferred and favorite team Aberdeen)

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