Origin clubs of the best regens in FM13 (data from 2022)

Before showing you these superstars it’s important to point out the countries I had leagues playable in during this save were England, Germany, Italy and Spain and only two at once. I believe I also have ‘players from top clubs’ in South America included.



Bayer Leverkusen:





Real Madrid:


Athletic Bilbao:

Eduardo Palacios

Liga de Quito:


Boca Juniors:




River Plate:


There are several more world class re-gens who started their careers at Boca and River which is also the case for other clubs mentioned above.

However, the number of stars created by Argentine clubs is something to take note of and I wonder if there is a hidden bias in the database towards talent from Argentine clubs due to the ‘Lionel Messi factor’.

Argentina is a country known to have nurtured superstar talent before so maybe the game follows that trend or it could just be chance.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the amount of brilliant Brazilians coming through which isn’t surprising, is it?

My English readers will be happy to know there are plenty of outstanding English youngsters being produced, such as Durrell, as you can see above, and others below.


I hope this has given you some insight in to where to scout and/ or manage in Football Manager 2013.

If you have any scouting/ youth development advice for me please mention me on Twitter @footymanagermad

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