Pentagon Challenge update – the only way is up with Jeonbuk

Kim HYunThis guy has the second highest rating in our league (7.76) and 25 goals. He’s helping our rivals Sangju to K League Classic glory when he should be performing these heroics for us!

And he would be if the idiot who managed Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors before us hadn’t let him leave on loan.

Considering when I took over there were very few mature strikers at the club I have no idea why the ex-manager chose to make this now clearly ridiculous decision.

It does not stop there though. He sold well-known Venezuela midfielder, Tomas Rincon, at 28, to Torino in Italy.

Despite apparent efforts to sabotage the club’s success by previous staff I am delighted with how we have done in my first year in charge. We are currently third in the league with nine games remaining, only a point behind Chunnam Dragons in second, well on course to qualify for the Asian Champions League group stage (the top four teams qualify).

And while only a few wins ago it looked like a bridge too far a top three or even top two finish looks on the cards.

I am working on the below tactic as, after being forced to play three-at-the-back lately due to injuries to our full backs and a lack of squad depth, we have found some success with it.

361 tacticI use a counter attacking mentality as we do not have the quality currently to excel using a possession-based style but I would love to evolve to that in the next (2017/18) season.

I had employed attacking tactics earlier in the season but following a 7-0 humiliation at the hands of Pohang and their Paraguayan striker, Federico Santander who scored four goals, I felt I had to change things and happily we won the next four games.

Santander is certainly a transfer target of mine. I was yearning to get this season out of the way and strengthen the squad when we were struggling to make the top four and even though our form has taken a turn for the better I cannot wait to make some additions.

Here is Santander’s profile:

Federico SantanderI don’t know what it is but I always seem to enjoy managing in Asia. You should try it!

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