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Here I will highlight any exceptional and/ or unknown great players I find on my travels in game. Not every one will be in your database but it is a bit of fun and hopefully it could help you find your next signing too.

rulliI’d never heard of Jeronimo Rulli before I began managing Real Sociedad on FM15. At 22 he’s already a very good goalkeeper and he’s just made his debut for Argentina on November 18, 2014.

abdel barradaSome of us might have noticed Abdelaziz Barrada in Morocco’s incredibly talented African Cup of Nations team this year. He’s played 15 times for the North Africans. What is it about North Africa that allows them to produce such skillful players? Even Zidane and Samir Nasri are of North African descent.

Liam HeadNow this guy looks pretty bad at 21. Head becomes a very useful striker for League Two/ One who’s capable of scoring 20 goals-a-season and he’s available on a free at the start of the game. Players don’t need 20s everywhere to be able to find the net!

Federico Andrada andrada statsNever heard of this guy before but his technical and mental stats are excellent. He’s another guy from Argentina, River Plate to be precise. I’d highly recommend having the Argentine Primera Division as a playable league if you’re at a big club so you can poach these quality Latin players.

Paredes Starts off at Boca and develops in to a top-notch attacking midfielder. He will also become naturalised after five years. In my game he was born in Argentina but lived in Italy for seven years with Milan and took Italian citizenship.

GrealishJack Grealish is a bit of a personal favourite of mine. He was a gem on FM13 for me in the short time I managed Villa. He’s one of those very effective players who are underrated possibly because he’s from an unfashionable nation and club 😉

bytyqiThis guy has almost all the attributes of Manchester United’s Danny Welbeck and plays for the same club. Welbeck is worth £32 million in June 2019 at the age of 28. This guy is much cheaper and now available to sign for free. Shame I’m managing Preston in League 1!

BalantaBalanta is a player I feel I recall hearing of but I didn’t know much about at all. Look at those stats! 18 strength, 19 marking, WOW. I believe he starts at Ajax who he signed for in 2013/14 from River Plate, Argentina.

DepayDepay is someone you might already know. He could be described as a wonderkid in real life although I feel that word is overused. The reason I’m showing you him is even though is talent is known I was really surprised at just how good he has become in FM14. Unfortunately he’s underperformed in-game but maybe you can bring out the best in him?

Ryan Gauld

Ryan Gauld is something a non-league manager I know tweeted about. He said Gauld is a ‘baller’ so I decided to see what the fuss was about and scout him on FM14. Turns out he’s just as good in-game! They call him the Scottish Messi, he’s not at that level but I’m sure he could do a very good job for any mid-table top-division side.

marco benassiWow look at those stats. Benassi was one of my favourite players in FM13 but no-one else seemed to notice him. This year, he’s undeniably one of the best players on the game. He starts off on loan at Livorno (from Inter) but if you get in quick you should be able to get him for much cheaper than his current (2018) value.

I don’t know if I’ve seen a more complete player on Football Manager. Marco Benassi, take a bow.

Fernando TobioThis guy doesn’t necessarily look amazing but you can see he has some very good attributes in important areas for a limited defender. He has marking, heading, tackling, positioning and strength all 15 or above and these skills meant he was able to help Sao Paulo win the Copa Libertadores – no mean feat! What’s more,  Tobio can be bought for £1.5m maybe less which seems a bargain for such a solid centre back!

Here are his career stats:

Tobio statsbarbosaBarbosa, who starts off at Santos, looks incredible at just 20-years-old. He has great attributes in all three columns and at such a young age looks like a matured player already! Hopefully he can still improve and if he can he could become one of the best, if not the best, player in the world.

Jose Antonio GarciaI stumbled upon this guy looking for Osasuna’s Jose Garcia. Although I can’t afford to scout him you can see at a fairly young age he has some very nice defensive technical attributes and his pace is an asset. He’s down as a central defender but with 14 first touch and 13 passing he looks an ideal candidate to be trained as a defensive midfielder. He’s only 22ish at the start of the game so you can surely re-train him in a new position successfully.

He starts off at Pumas in Mexico and you can probably sign him for less than 600k.

Milan LalkovicI’d never heard of Lalkovic until playing FM14. This guy starts the game at Chelsea in the English Premier League and you’ll probably be able to sign him for less than £1m and maybe get him on a free in 2015. Alternatively you could take him on loan like League 1 Walsall did in 2013/14.

I have him at Jeonbuk and he’s probably our best player, he’s probably only a decent Premier League player but well worth a look if you’re managing a mid-table or even Championship side. As you can his wage demands aren’t particularly high.

ashley smith-brownSmith-Brown, who starts at Manchester City, has just featured in an England World Cup winning squad. He looks really good.

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