A blueprint for success in FM15 part 1: picking the right footballers for your philosophy

It’s all well and good making a fabulous tactic and buying ‘great’ players but if they have the wrong mentality, they won’t fit in to your plans and schemes.

When I first started playing Football Manager, relatively recently, in 2008, with lots of spare time due to graduating university at the height of the credit crunch (couldn’t get a job), I just thought “Buy the best players you can, fit them in to a tactic, praise them and we’ll win games”.

I then had an epiphany when my best mate, who had been playing the game for a few years by then, told me he would only buy players who had good determination. Since, I’ve also looked for this quality in players, though not exhaustively.

Let’s imagine I’m embarking on a new adventure managing a new club and I’m going to write a blueprint for the sort of player/ person I want at my club. I might or might not start a new career on FM15 to test this out.

This blueprint/ philosophy will hopefully make success easier to come by as everyone will be pulling in the same direction and have winning qualities.

Knowing that all my players have certain attributes will make it easier to identify issues when they occur as I’ll generally be safe to assume it isn’t an attitude problem or that the player isn’t good enough. There’s nothing more frustrating for me than signing a player or several and realising too late they have bad attitude (I’ve done this too many times).

Here are the main characteristics I want my players to have:

  1. Winner’s attitude (ambition, attitude e.g. professionalism)
  2. Selfless (teamwork, work rate, natural fitness, stamina, bravery, etc)
  3. Decisions =/> 13
  4. Determination =/>13

More desired but not as important attributes/ traits for positions:

Goalkeepers: leadership

Defenders: leadership, composure

Midfielders: leadership, composure

Forwards: composure

I think this will make winning much easier and it’ll allow me to put my stamp on a football club making the career more rewarding and engaging.

Well, I think that’s that. I have to use the four main pre-requisites whenever I look for new players.

I’ve also had the idea of bringing in players from obscure nations so I can give them a chance they might not otherwise have. I also like the idea of having a very colourful (as in interesting) and diverse squad.

So I am loading players based in India, South Africa and China.

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