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WHEN it comes to scouting I’m not the most fastidious. I won’t search every territory and every league individually if I can find players I’m happy with with less effort.

I have certain countries where I prefer to seek talent and have a good idea I will find at least someone, such as Italy, Croatia – even Ireland has some real bargains.

The game is helpful in that it’s simple enough and not too time consuming to send your scouts on roaming assignments so you get a wide array of reports without moving a muscle so you can simply order up your scouting list in terms of scouted current/potential ability and many more parameters based on what your scouts find.

You can also add players to your shortlist and you’ll be reminded of them every now and again if anything significant happens in their career. See a brief description of what the shortlist is for here.

I like the shortlisting feature. It’s invaluable to a manager who would rather spend his time thinking about the tactical side of the game and other matters. Not just that though, it’s a key tool for any manager. One downside for me though is it’s quite soulless. I’m tempted to write players I like the look of on a piece of paper and I have in the past.

I must admit though, I ignore lots of the updates I get regarding players on my shortlist. Once I’ve built a team I’m happy with, and I try to do that in less then two seasons, I’m rarely looking for new players so the updates just get in the way.

Of course, you can simply remove a player from a shortlist unless they are removed automatically after a set time.

Something different I like to do to remember players that catch my eye for whatever reason, whether they’re youngsters in my youth team, or playing for a team in Timbuktu, is simply to add an asterisk after their name in Overview/ Set Nickname.

As there are no other players with asterisks in their names you will notice it straight away and realise it’s a player whose progress you wanted to track.

Even if the player hasn’t developed, it’s a nice way for the sentimental among us to catch up with an old player. Maybe we made a mistake letting him go and he’s gone on to be a star at Real Madrid? A simple asterisk will remind you you’ve met this player before.

It’s also a way of reminding ourselves of a player who we intend to give more game time to or maybe someone we need to remember to get rid of!

I hope this helps you and even enriches your Football Manager experience. It’s as simple as-terisk.

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