An interview with a Football Manager Handheld addict

Marc Gisby is a fellow Football Manager fan who writes a blog about Football Manager Handheld, the streamlined version of the game you can download on iPhone, PSP and other devices. He puts so much passion in to his articles, you can tell he loves the game.

I wanted to know more about someone else’s interest in Football Manager – I often wonder if I’m normal haha – so I asked Marc a few questions about how FM stole his life.

Q When did you start playing FMH?

A I started playing in October 2012 when I got it for Xmas.

Q What made you start?

A I was looking for something different from FIFA in all honesty.

Q What was the first club you remember managing on FMH?

A Ajax was the first team.

Q What makes the game so fun/ addictive?

A What makes it addictive is the fact I want to win everything and then I have new ideas I wanna start. Should I manage in Australia, Brazil, take Lens to the top etc?

Q What other games do you play?

A I don’t really play other games. I don’t really have the time. When I do it’s Fallout 3, Rayman or WWE 13.

Q Why did you start blogging about FMH?

A I started blogging cos of you! Lol.

Q What’s the most fun aspect of blogging?

A I just love writing in all honesty. I get excited reliving big games and telling people about my save and players I’ve bought.

Q What does your other half think of you playing the game?

A My wife doesn’t really care in all honesty! Lmao.

Q Do you think you’ll ever get bored of FMH?

A I really don’t think I could ever get bored of FMH there is too much to do!

I’d like to thank Marc for answering my questions and I hope you enjoyed this quick interview. Follow Marc on Twitter @gisby_marc.

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