Attempting Asia with the sultans of Brunei in my Pentagon Challenge

I eventually gave up on South African second division side, Witbank Spurs, after around four seasons where I won the league cup twice and narrowly missed out on promotion twice.

We were in £2m debt and it broke my heart when we narrowly missed out on the play-off places in 2017. I felt like it was just too hard a task to progress with such a poor club where my wage budget was being reduced by around £2,000 each year to the point where I had only £3,700 to spend on players’ weekly wages.

I’m adamant the debt we fell in to wasn’t my fault as I stuck to the board’s wage budgets and we still lost money every month partly because the fans didn’t come to matches.

I decided to leave in 2017 and wanted to join another club straight away and I joined Bruneian side Duli Pengiran Muda Mahkota FC (DPMM) in May 2017 and I’ve been there for around a year and a half.

DPMM play in the Singaporean League, the only available league in the nation, made up of 12 clubs.

As we’re based in Brunei we spend a crazy amount on travel costs to get to Singapore to play other teams in our league. We tend to spend £30,000 each month playing away.

Brunei - Singapore

As you might expect the Bruneian big boys aren’t blessed with a handful of wonderkids despite having above average youth recruitment, our facilities are fairly basic and our youth facilities are described as minimal.

And although our youth recruitment is serendipitously high our first intake with me in charge didn’t bear any real fruit for the first team.

DPMM fans

Here’s a brief video overview of the club on my YouTube channel so you can see the level of ability at my disposal:

I’ve just witnessed our latest youth intake and it was better than last year. We’ve signed a few players who could have bright futures including this centre midfielder in particular:

youth playerHe’s a decent prospect for our level and hopefully next season he can help us achieve something we haven’t this season, a title challenge!

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