Conte’s Juventus seem untouchable in Serie A 2021/22

Juventus legends

Serie A, one of the most notorious leagues in the world for match fixing and debauchery (Silvio Berlusconi), is where I feel at home in Football Manager 2013.

I’m not sure what this says about me apart from the regular sacking of managers in Italy means if I mess up somewhere I’ll have a chance of finding employment somewhere else.

Plus, no matter how poor a club is every one seems to have at least one or two quality players as well as a decent youth set-up that supplies regular newgens to strengthen the first team.

For example, when I took over Parma they had Andrea Poli and Danilo Pereira on-board and at Genoa there was Denis Cheryshev (ex-Real Madrid), Federico Moretti and the brilliant Marco Benassi (ex-Juventus).

Sorry for my ignorance but I wasn’t aware of Moretti and Benassi before taking over at Genoa however they’ve become my two favourite centre mids in FM13 (Moretti has become a Genoa icon) and to have them as a partnership is probably the main reason I’ve done okay at the Grifoni.

Have a gander at Federerico Moretti’s profile below:

Federico Moretti

And here are his career stats:

Federico Moretti's career stats

Incredibly he only cost Genoa £650k before I arrived and has been a loyal and important player since.

I can’t recommend him enough and I’m sure he’d perform well as at least a back-up for top clubs and a first team/ key player for anyone else.

Another player I rarely dare leave out of the starting line-up is Denis Cheryshev who’s a brilliant speed dribbler with an accurate cross.

Denis Cheryshev

He has 11 assists so far this season and I love watching him skinning defenders:

Cheryshev's stats

Despite these guys’ heroics putting us second in the league after 28 games I’ve nada hope of winning the title because I have the mighty Old Lady to contend with. And I don’t mean the pensioner across the road!

Juventus have won nine of a possible 10 Serie A titles since my save began and after 29 games of the 2021/22 season they are 11 points ahead of us having scored 103 goals, 50 more than our total.

Here are their recent results in all competitions:

Juventus results

The team with the black and white stripes has a blend of experienced world class ‘originals’, such as Eden Hazard, Arturo Vidal and Leonardo Bonucci, with some of the world’s best regens or newgens.

Interestingly, as I write this Juventus have just lost their 29th game of the season 2-1 to Napoli. Could this signal a capitulation? Could my Genoa make up an 11-point deficit with a game-in-hand over Juventus and 10 games remaining?

We’ll find out soon…

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