Fiorentina: New job after AC Milan resignation



I lost my love for AC Milan, didn’t feel a bond with the players and it was putting me off playing Football Manager altogether.

SO, I quit and applied for the Fiorentina job which became available about a fortnight later and they were only too happy to offer me a contract.


The Viola were languishing at the bottom of Serie A when I joined a few games ago.

We’re still there now after losing 0-3 to Catania but we did manage to beat Cesena 1-0 in the Italian Cup 4th Qual. Round.

I can tell straight away it’s not going to be easy to sort this shambles of a club out.

The defence is pretty dire apart from Gabriel Paletta who’s very good on paper but hardly showing his ability on the pitch.

Maybe if he had a better centre defensive partner, he’d buck up his ideas, however, it’s the full back spots where we’re weakest.

Club philosophy

I’ve been reading¬† and Lee Scott who writes the blog is embarking on a new FM career with Molde in Norway.

He set himself a philosophy to stick to similar to what Barcelona and Ajax follow and this really inspired me to do something similar with Fiorentina.

I think setting yourself goals in FM and not just buying whoever’s available adds character to your squad and makes playing the game more fun in general.

So here is my ‘philosophy’:

  • Buy only Italian players under 25-years-old.
  • Buy only Italian staff.
  • Pay no player, regardless of ability, more than a five-figure weekly wage.
  • Look to the under-20s squad for talent and if anyone shows potential play them in the first team.
  • Only buy players with high determination and high teamwork mental attributes (more than 10) unless player is under 20-years-old.
  • Sell any player who is unhappy at sitting on the bench and is no better than the player/s who start ahead of him.

I think that’s enough rules for now! Let’s try to stick to them.

Transfers: ins and outs

As soon as I joined, I noticed Alberto Aquilani wanted to leave and I’m not the type of manager to get in the way of an ungrateful, underperforming douche so I sold him for ¬£2.5m to Napoli. He’s 29 too so not a bad price.

We’re really weak in the goalkeeper department so I’ve signed Christian Abbiati on a free.

I had him at AC Milan and although he’s a year older now at 36 I’m hoping he’ll be equally reliable.

If you’ve been reading carefully you’ve realised I’ve signed a player over 25-years-old, however, I made this signing before I drew up my philosophy.

The rules kick in now! haha

That’s it for now. I’ll have an update come the January transfer window!

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