FM14 Pentagon Challenge career: Stop the rot

All FMers and Champ Man men know the feeling. Like that puppy you got for Christmas that wasn’t as cute after a few years an FM save that made you giddy for the next time you could spend a whole day vegging out playing it can become stale.

Like a girlfriend you’ve been with for a couple of years (or not, we are geeks after all ;)) we lose interest and yearn for a change, we get annoyed by the ‘quirks’ of our players’ personalities, they go bald and without their Neymar quiff somehow don’t look as good as footballers anymore. No matter the high ratings your star player is getting, it’s not good enough and you find yourself criticizing one bad game which causes your bond irreparable damage and you regret you can’t turn back the clock (although you sort of can).

You might have read in my last post I arrived at rich K-League Classic side, Gangwon in 2027. They were founded in 2009 and have a trophy room as bare as Man City’s and a book of club legends just as scant. I felt myself not caring about this rather soulless club but I knew it was my duty to give the club a character, a play style, a philosophy, a world reputation and a HISTORY.

I couldn’t leave so I had to think of something other than potential Asian Champions League glory (which seemed so near yet so far) to push me forward in my role as manager of Gangwon FC.

So I took inspiration from another job I had in this save one that led to Skrill South glory. At Weston-super-Mare, a club I still hold close to my heart and God knows they love me too, I imposed a transfer embargo on MYSELF and to my amazement it actually yielded comparably great success.

Gangwon is a very different club to WsM. Gangwon is a lot richer with a balance of £26m compared to The Seagulls’ £725k and the board expect me to make high profile signings but as far as I’m concerned (and I put my job at risk on this) I’m not going to spend another penny on players for the foreseeable future (at least five seasons). Luckily I’m already stocked up on young talent. This nuance in my club philosophy should certainly make things more interesting.


Oh Yong-Woo

It is a worry the best player in this year’s youth intake isn’t even good enough to play for Weston-super-Mare. This highlights an opportunity to progress despite not buying players. I’ll attempt to plough any money I do spend in to our youth set-up. I’ve already started to develop this side of our club and we’re on to the second stage of youth facilities improvements since I joined two years ago. I’m also improving senior training facilities.

Youth recruitment and junior coaching


These two departments arestill only at an ‘average’ level. I’m not given the option to ask my board to expand our youth recruitment yet or increase our junior coaching spend, I assume this is due to their incomplete trust in me. I’m sure if we win a trophy soon I’ll be able to get to work on this and see better newgens coming in each year’s intake.

In line with my plans to cut out buying players I have arranged a meeting with Kiwi chairman Mark Dodds and the rest of the board to request I will no longer be judged on signing high-profile players.

Stopped the rot?

I’m now excited about the future of my save again and see lots of challenges and opportunities for success and progress. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did, please share on Twitter and and beyond.


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