FM15 – A Rhyl-ly fun time in the Welsh Premier League

Rhyl_FC_LogoWelcome to Rhyl! The words you always prayed you’d hear.


Think Brighton with the life and warmth sucked out. Think Blackpool without the illuminations or its theme park.

But take a step inside The Corbett Sports Stadium and the welcome would surely warm any coastal chill.

Rhyl Football Club was named the Football Association Wales’ Community Club of the Year last year and it aims to continue in the same vein.

Talking about a famous fictional character promotion the club is running in line with its partnership with costume rental business Costume Guy Rhyl, the club’s managing director, Mike Jones, said: “Last year we won Community Club of the Year. We’re thinking of more things we can do to engage local people – we do a lot of birthday parties at the club – and we think this is something extra we can do.”

Mr Jones is hoping to take Spongebob, Mickey Mouse and Bart Simpson among others, to Glan Clwyd Hospital, in Rhyl, this Christmas to put a smile on the faces of patients.

The Royal British Legion launched this year’s Poppy Appeal yesterday, in Rhyl.

Children released 1,567 red balloons in to the bleak autumn sky, each representing a year of the First World War.

Wikipedia describes the seaside town thusly:

Rhyl Football Club is a Welsh football club, playing in the Welsh Premier League. The club was founded in 1879 and the team plays its home matches at The Corbett Sports Stadium, Rhyl, which can accommodate 3,000 spectators.

Introduction to squad and tactics

4411I found the 4-4-1-1 very flexible in FM14 and it suits lower league football where defenders might struggle to follow an attacking midfielder and the extra man in midfield can make a big difference. Quantity over quality maybe.

I’m taking each game as it comes as the moment and experimenting all the time so who knows how long I’ll use the 4-4-1-1.

Moreover, I don’t know my best team yet and I’m giving everyone who was at the club when I arrived a chance to show what they can do because I know how misleading attributes can be on Football Manager.

Potential star player:

danny gosset

Danny Gosset Danny scored several spectacular freekicks in pre-season. He seems to have great potential with good attributes in several key areas already.

gosset profile 19Danny has great natural fitness and excellent technical stats for this level. Thirteen technique? Great. Twelve free kick taking? Yes please.

And at only 19, Danny’s mental stats are impressive. Eleven bravery, 12 work rate? Not bad, and they will hopefully improve.

Potentially prolific striker

paul mcmanusPaul, like Danny, was a star man in our pre-season games scoring a hatful – hardly surprising considering his finishing ability and pace.

Ambitions for 2014/15 season

It’s not totally unrealistic to hope for a league win in our first season but I think clubs like TNS and Port Talbot are better placed with good relationships with big clubs, like Swansea, allowing them to take talented players on loan.

An important objective this season will be to discover the main weaknesses in our squad so we can gradually improve.

I discovered in my last save in FM14, with Newcastle, that aiming to simply keep improving rather than putting too much pressure on myself, made the game fun and was a success.

Of course, at such an early stage, everything is part of a learning curve and things won’t always go smoothly…


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