Football Manager 2014 – New Patch Released!

This is something serious FM’ers like me have been waiting for for what feels like forever but well done to Sports Interactive for working hard to bring it out as soon as they could.

There is a long list of issues that have been remedied but the jury is still out until I’ve played at least a season to see if SI have made a telling improvement.

Here’s the list of changes in the 14.1.4 November 27 patch!

Let’s go through a few examples I’m happy to see:

“Fixed the worst examples of wild off target shots and passes” – I’m sick of the sight of my players blazing over from just outside or inside the box. It happened way too often even though I ask my players to ‘work ball in to box’.

“Reduced long shots” – Sort of the same thing really. Not only did my players blast over the bar and out of the stadium but they were determined to do it an unrealistic number of times a game. Also I’m sick of seeing I’ve had an unbelievable amount of shots and many on target but sometimes I don’t even score! I think reducing long shots will result in my team scoring more with considered attempts on goal.

“Fixed some headers being directed higher than intended” – Okay so your modern strikers are struggling to finish one-on-ones so you think ‘I’ll try a target man’. Well it probably hasn’t worked for you because they constantly head easy chances over from just under the bar. Hopefully this fix will change that!

“Reduced instances of tackles leading to corners” – This definitely happens too often from my experience so well done, SI, for noticing and making efforts to rectify it.

“Slightly more opportunistic shots taken especially when chasing a goal” – There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re down by one goal in the last few minutes than your players trying to pass the ball in to the net. Hopefully this will help!

“Small tweaks to some shot velocities” – Small tweaks? I hope they’re big enough because I’m sick of the sight of my players passing the ball to the opposing goalkeeper when in acres of space. So frustrating. This should help players who play possession football score more goals as their players create space for teammates.

“Full backs come a bit deeper to offer keeper pass in 4 man defences when long kicks not instructed” – Hopefully this means we will be able to play the ball out of defence a bit more effectively. It should also make possible the ‘distribute to defenders’ instruction which is vital for a possession style.

“Fixed some examples of Clear Cut and Half Chances being missed” – I can bare conceding the odd goal but the most irking thing in FM is when my players are having plenty of chances but just CANNOT put the ball in the back of the net. Hopefully things will change now and those one-on-ones will result in goal on a more realistic basis.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon to tell you if I think these changes have improve my FM experience. Until then follow me on Twitter @FootyManagerMad

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