Genoa are Serie A champions and a new save with Los Ches


Since I last wrote I’ve won Serie A with Genoa which has to be my biggest managerial achievement on FM13.

You might already know this if you follow me on Twitter @footymanagermad.

The league win meant Juventus’ run of titles came to an abrupt end and it was extremely satisfying to say the least.

Conte had resigned from Juve at the end of the previous season so I can’t say if we would’ve won had he still been in charge – the Old Lady looked imperious with him at the helm.

In my six years at Genoa I have managed to develop my squad to the point it’s capable of beating any team on its day however it still has plenty of room to improve and several weak points in key areas.

My defence is looking great at the moment, especially my two centre backs, one a talented ball playing defender, Paulo Eduardo, and one a brilliant centre back, Carmine di Muro.

My left back/ wing back, Francescutto, is still very young but performs very well on a consistent basis, however, we’re imperfect at right/ wing back with my regular guy, Mohamed, leaving in the nearing January transfer window because he started poorly at the club and my other two or three youngsters still too immature to start regularly and avoid mistakes.

In Delfim Couto I have one of the best few centre midfielders in the world, he can do it all, and I have possibly Italy’s future number 10 in Sergio Cristin up front who has started to score much more regularly.

A come-down after achieving something great on FM is pretty much inevitable though and along with spending five days in Valencia, I had the urge to try out a new team in a new league with the latest game update and Los Ches was the obvious opportunity.

As it was so successful and I was comfortable with it at Genoa, I’m going to use the same 4-2-3-1 control tactic I found on True Football Manager and sculpted for my own needs.

It already seems to be working too as I dominated possession and shots in my second league game versus Deportivo following a slightly unlucky 2-0 loss v Real Madrid where we achieved 50% possession but much fewer shots.

Valencis vs Depor

I watched bits of the game and we should have scored more so attacking training might be in order this coming in-game week.

As you can see from the screen shot above, Sofiane Feghouli, an Algerian midfielder who also has French as a nationality, is seen as one of our key players and I agree. I am looking to him to score and assist in equal measure this first season like he has done fairly well in real life.

Adil Rami, our French centre back, who was the PotM is key to our chances of success for the next five years too, he’s a brilliant strong player in my opinion.

Furthermore, up top we have the usually very clinical and goal-happy, Roberto Soldado. He has good stats to be an advanced forward or a poacher and I think I’ll be playing him as a poacher as I believe this is usually effective for the whole team.

SoldadoHe and a few others are on fairly high wages for my liking though and considering the club have to pay off loans costing a total £205m, at a rate of £1.93m/month, we better start cutting back somewhere!

Keep an eye on my Twitter to see daily if not hourly updates on who’s scoring for me, who’s getting sold for knobhead-like behaviour and if I get the sack! @footymanagermad

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