Genoa Career Update 2022/23 Season begins

Genoa vs Juventus

Last season we finished second in the league, 12 points behind a rampant Juventus who managed an amazing record-breaking feat of 129 goals scored in a single Serie A season.

At the other end of the table, Cagliari, who were eventually relegated to Serie B, achieved the ignominious record of the most goals conceded in a Serie A season with an unbelievable 105.

My lads beat Palermo to second by an admirable 10 points with Roma and AC Milan not far behind.

It was a considerable achievement considering we just avoided relegation the season prior.

I’m not one to rest on my laurels though and I’m sure the board aren’t so we endeavoured to strengthen in all areas to give us a chance of success in the Champions League our second-placed finish qualified us for.

As well as players we’d agreed to sign the season before the board gave me £20m to spend on players which I had no hesitation in doing.

Jon Guruzeta

This is the brightest prospect I managed to sign. A 16-year-old Spaniard from Real Sociedad. I’d only just added La Liga and the game seems to create incredible newgens when you add new leagues.

There are a handful of brilliant young players at Athletic Bilbao but each would have cost me £20m or more whereas I bagged Guruzeta for £7.5m up front and £7.5m over 48 months (yeah, I went there).

Athletic just sold Eduardo Palacios, 21, to Real Madrid for £42.5m which gives you an idea of the talent train Roberto Martinez (manager) is overseeing. Here’s his profile:

Eduardo Palacios

I’m not the sort of manager who will spend all of my transfer budget on one player when with a bit of scouting and effort you can find and sign a handful of very talented young players along with experienced free players for the same amount.

Due to the signing of Guruzeta who’s best deployed as a defensive midfielder, I’ve toyed with my formation to fit him and other very good DMs at the club.

Below is what my starting line-up and formation will look like when we play our first match of the season against title rivals, Roma, in a few weeks. If it isn’t an improvement on the old 4-4-1-1 I’ll simply revert.

Genoa starting line up 2022/ 23

Moretti is a club icon so Guruzeta won’t be replacing him just yet, no, he’ll have to earn it. Lucas Pratto is our oldest player at 34 so he brings experience vital for our European campaign and he will rotate with Richmond Boakye and young Italian shining light, Sergio Cristin.

As well as all of the young players I’m signing and attempting to develop in to superstars I’ve invested in improved training facilities, youth recruitment and junior coaching although our youth system isn’t near where I want it to be yet, however the future looks bright red and blue for the Grifoni!

“Arrivato da Principe, partito da Brignole!”
– Tifoso Sampdoriano su Milito

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