Gremio experiment. Some tekkers are good

shirtThere’s nothing more romantic or exciting about football than Brazilian attacking players with flair. Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, even Denilson, Romario. These are the names I think of when I consider what is in the heart of football. The skill, panache, agility, abandon, rebelliousness, confidence and belief in their ability. Playing the beautiful game like it’s a dance, playing first and foremost to entertain the roaring, worshiping crowd, but with a love of winning.

People write about the Brazilian sides of the 60s and 70s but I wasn’t alive to see these. I saw the teams of the 1998 and 2002 World Cups though and, for me, they represent the holy grail of football.

I’m not for a moment saying it was the best side ever but, for me, you won’t find a much more exciting combination of players than in those teams. The 1994 team wasn’t bad either. I’m a huge fan of Romario and Bebeto. Roberto Carlos at left back, Taffarel in net…

To create something like the Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo trio is my Football Manager dream so that’s what I’m trying with Gremio.

I want to reach this goal as quickly as possible so I’m using the in-game editor to remove restrictions on signing players. I want to sign all of the best Brazilian talent and I don’t want to spend weeks and weeks of my life to get there, not this time. This save is all about the end product, not really the challenge of getting there.

Some tekkers are good

Obviously, the Brazilian entertainers I mentioned are remembered for their amazing technique so any attacking players I buy must fit this mould, i.e. they must have at least 14 for technique even if they’re very young. Pace will be another very important attribute. It was a key factor of the Brazil teams I remember and it will help create entertaining football.

Goals galore

I’m going to focus on scoring lots of goals and I’m not going to place much emphasis on defence. Hopefully we can put some wins together regardless. That’s not to say I’ll accept laziness or selfishness from my players. They’ll have to be very fit as I’ll ask them to close down constantly. Team work is very important to me too. However, there has to be an element of freedom running through the body of my team.


Managing a lower league side in Wrexham for the majority of FM15 I haven’t had the luxury of managing ‘Rolls Royce’ players with great attributes for things like vision. I think it’s really important for creating chances (well, obviously) so I’m going to prioritize this as well as technique and pace.

In terms of defence, as long as I have one no-nonsense (ish) central defender, who’ll be useful at corners, etc, I’ll probably not put too much thought in to keeping clean sheets at first. I’ll aim to get good players though so it shouldn’t be a massive issue.

The tactic

I’m toying with ideas at the moment. My narrow 4-2-2-2 yielded lots of goals with Wrexham. While on Wikipedia, it claims Brazil used a 3-4-1-2 in the 2002 World Cup Final so I’ll probably train my side on both.


Brazil v Germany World Cup Final 2002

As much as it might be tempting, I’m not going to sign any non-South Americans.

Dictionary corner

Dream team positions described in one word:

Goalkeeper: Reliable

Full Back: Flexible

Centre Back: Modern

Defensive Midfielder: Clever

Central Midfielder: Mercurial

Attacking Midfielder: Rebel

Forward: Explosive

That’s all for now, folks.

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