High expectations, no money: a new save with Mersin in the Turkish second division

Mersin İdmanyurdu is a Turkish sports club from Mersin, Turkey, in the eastern Mediterranean Region. As I take the reins the club has just been relegated to the second division.

I was given around £70k to spend on transfers and our weekly wage budget is £63k. After three months we are in £422k debt.

I’m on the verge of the sack already according to some newspapers as we lie in 16th place (and the relegation zone) after 11 games. We’ve won two, drawn five and lost four.

The squad and my best first team isn’t good enough and it’s not what I want. I don’t have decent players in each position, my defence is pretty poor, haven’t a good passer in midfield and I only had a few weeks after taking over to work in the transfer market. I’m starting to feel late David Moyes. Doomed before I even started.

BUT I don’t mind struggling at the moment because I know for a fact if I’m given the time I can build a good team. I need the opportunity to get the club in a better financial position, to improve youth facilities, and use a few transfer windows to bring better players in even though I’ll have to rely on bargains.

We’re expected to finish fifth which is a play-off spot and I think we can still achieve that (it’s early days) but the board might decide it’s over long before then.

This is the tactic I use in most games:


We have a big, strong striker who’s our top goalscorer. His name is Mehmet Yildiz (below) and he has 18 strength, 17 bravery and 17 teamwork which seem to help him bang the goals in of which he has six in 11 in the league so far.


Apart from him we have a quality attacking midfielder but not much else to help us climb the table. Let’s hope the board give me the time I need…

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