How one simple mistake destroyed a football love story

I’d never taken a club from the lower leagues to continental glory. I’d read tens of articles by FM’ers who had. And although I’d been successful in my attempt at the Pentagon Challenge, I’ve found dragging a club all the way from the bottom to the top much more trying.

It takes so much patience to keep plugging away with the same club, especially if they’re poor and have an uninspiring reputation.

It’s hard to keep a board happy season after season too. That’s before you consider your players’ happiness.

But I love a challenge and it seemed the time was right to attempt it. I chose Wrexham as they’re Welsh (I recently moved to Wales) and they provided a high enough level of difficulty.

Things went better than I could have imagined, although I know unrealistic success happens on FM. We were in the Championship after five years and sitting a comfortable distance from the relegation zone but that wasn’t enough to satisfy the idiots on the board.


My failing at Wrexham was that I wasn’t perfect. I achieved historic success with the Dragons (impressive for the third oldest professional football club in the world). I loved the club and was loyal to a fault.

My one mistake was I failed to develop a squad that had competitive depth. I didn’t want us to be lacking the options to win and keep winning so I signed too many players.

I thought the opinions of unwanted players who weren’t playing enough for their liking wouldn’t affect the morale in the dressing room. How wrong could I be?

Despite our healthy position in the league and the fact we were going up in the football world, the idiots on the board decided to sack me due to a few trouble makers in the dressing room.


I had no shortage of offers after leaving Wrexham though and took up the position of York City manager and I’m having a great time. In my first full season the Minstermen are top of League 1 after 31 games while the club that sacked me, Wrexham, who were relegated after finishing bottom of the Championship, are an average 12th.

This could be my first actual league trophy in this career. I never won the league with Wrexham, getting promoted by finishing second or winning in play-offs. Exciting times.

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