If you don’t shoot you can’t score

Samuel Eto’o
Games played 9
Goals 2
Assists 1
Passes per game 14
Shots per game 1.89
Demba Ba
Games played 7
Goals 1
Assists 1
Passes per game 10
Shots per game 1.43
Fernando Torres
Games played 11
Goals scored 1
Assists 2
Passes per game 15
Shots per game 1.18

Luis Suarez
Games played 10
Goals 15
Assists 2
Passes per game 42
Shots per game 5.10
Sergio Aguero
Games played 14
Goals scored 12
Assists 4
Passes per game 24
Shots per game 3.57
Alvaro Negredo
Games played 14
Goals scored 6
Assists 2
Passes per game 18
Shots per game 1.71

My Dad buys The Sun¬†newspaper some weekends and I saw this little comparison of Chelsea’s forwards and other top strikers in the Barclays Premier League on Saturday (December 14). It made me think about the success of strikers in Football Manager 2014.

Die-hard FM players/ bloggers have said it is about creating good quality chances rather than simply the number of shots you have. Nevertheless, according to these stats, it seems the more shots a striker has the more goals he will score.

Anyone who watches football knows the best defences limit the number of shots their opponent’s strikers have. And any team that allows their opponent’s players to shoot at will will invariably suffer.

The sample here is not exactly generally representative though. Luis Suarez is not only one of the best attackers in the world but he is on fire, the same goes for Aguero.

However, forwards like Torres and Eto’o, who can score 15-20 goals per season seem to be struggling to get their shots away and their goal tallies have taken a hit as a result.

It is an interesting topic. Will most strikers who consistently take significantly more (at least three times as many) shots per game than other strikers score more goals?

I plan to find out and I’ll report on my findings when I do. I think if I alternate between asking different strikers ¬†to ‘shoot more often’ and not it should give me a clear idea. Please tell me what you think about goal/shot ratios and thank for reading.

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