Is the teamwork attribute the key to success?

I’m starting a save with Swansea because I’m usually put off by managing in the English Premier League in search of something a bit more exotic, so now the prospect has actually become exotic.

It’s sexy and retro to me. It’s also nice to be in familiar surroundings, knowing the domestic players better and which players might be available to buy.

Also, Jamie Carragher’s interview with Ronald Koeman (Everton manager) on Sky, where the Dutchman said he wanted players who found it second nature to fight to win the ball back and generally work hard for the team, inspired me to try something similar with a club at a similar level to the Toffees.

I didn’t want to pick Everton because, for me, they’re a bit too good now to provide a major challenge.

In addition, I talked to my friend Curtis about his current save.

He’s managing Aston Villa and believe or not, he’s signed Emile Heskey.

I didn’t understand why but he said Heskey is a great team player and he really values that in players on FM and in real life.

It got me thinking.

So, I’m going to build a team around a few strengths, including teamwork, work rate and passing.

I feel teamwork and work rate combine to produce a player who works hard for the team and works well with the team.

Swansea’s only philosophy is to play possession football hence the passing attribute leaning.

There is more to keeping the ball than just passing but I want to keep this project as simple as possible because, from experience, that’s what works best and will be fun for longer.

I do have a question about teamwork for you though and I’ll post a poll after this.

The question is, does a player need both high teamwork and work rate attributes to be a good team player?

Thanks for reading.

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