Jumping on the Dafuge bandwagon – inspired by Neppo Plays on YouTube

Although doing well in my Pentagon Challenge in which I’m currently managing Penarol in the Uruguayan first division I’m taking a break to get a taste of Dafuge’s legendary Football Manager challenge. Here’s a link to a thread explaining it.

I’m actually involved with Nantwich Town FC in reality so I want to manage them. To make them playable, I’ll save the game just before new clubs are promoted, and keep rolling the dice until Nantwich are one of those to go up! If it takes too long obviously I’ll have to plump for another club that’s been promoted.

Remember, this is for me to enjoy and have fun, I’ll stick to the parameters of the challenge as much as I can but I might have missed one or two aspects.

For example, I’ve loaded ‘players based in nation’ for England instead of players based in the three leagues below the Skrill North and South. If anything this could make it more difficult at first as I might not have as many realistic transfer targets available to me. I’m not going to be able to sign Jack Wilshere for Nantwich Town am I??

I’ll continue as soon as I’ve chosen a club…

So after about six attempts Nantwich were promoted and I can now managed them woohoo!

I’m going to add player profiles to the website here┬áso you can get a better idea of who I’m coaching.

I know most of my real players already as I see them twice a week but as many of us know Football Manager isn’t always accurate with the attributes of lower league players. They can seem very random to say the least.

Our player/ assistant manager, Earl Davis, has picked himself out as the best player at the club

earl davis

He should really have at least 18 strength, I know he’s the wrong side of 30, but he’s incredibly powerful in real life. Nevermind though, he should be a very useful defender for us.

aaron burns

This guy, Aaron Burns, is Nantwich’s best player in reality but in the game he’s not quite so good. Nevertheless, decent acceleration and pace, a good first touch and okay finishing will be valuable to us. I want to make him our starting striker possibly playing one up front.


Veiga is our highest earner but at his age I’m not sure I will keep hold of him. Let’s give him a couple of games, see how he does, and if he isn’t great, we’ll save the money from our wage budget by letting him go.

Well that was a brief introduction in to my latest save and a few of our players. I’ll add the rest of the first team squad to the Nantwich Town squad page for you to peruse. For now, auf wiedersehen!

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