Lower league player development

Let’s cut to the chase. I’ve used FM Genie Scout to find some high-potential youngsters to sign for Lincoln City (in the Vanarama National League). Some of you might frown on any use whatsoever of the scouting tool. I think it would be fair to call it a ‘cheat’ tool.

However, I’m not going to cheat to win and then brag about it. Fact is I had become unenamoured with my career and wanted to have a bit of fun.

But through this I have had an interesting idea for a series of articles on fmscrapbook.

It’s all well and good signing high-potential players at a top club with the best coaches and facilities but how will those players do in a sparser environment, like at Lincoln City?

My first guess is these youngsters won’t become as good as they could without the leg-up they’d get at a Premier League club. But the best players will surely find a way to get to the top. Players who are born with talent to be a great footballer will surely become great whether they start in the National League or La Liga, right?

There are countless tales of players at the best clubs failing to fulfill early promise so great training doesn’t guarantee great development.

These articles won’t be about how well or not I’m doing with Lincoln, they will help me learn and show you how these talented players cope with life way down the leagues. Can any of them become a star? Let’s see.

The players below have around 120-130/200 potential so they could be good footballers, maybe Championship level, but not superstars.

As I move up the leagues with Lincoln and our reputation builds I’ll be able to attract better ‘wonderkids’ and see which of them has what it takes to fight to the top.

Pelayo Cortes

Pelayo Cortes, 16 years old

Cole Dasilva

Cole Dasilva, 18 years old

Emir Holmgren

Emir Holmgren, 16 years old

James Doyle

James Doyle, 20 years old

Kristian Andersson

Kristian Andersson, 18 years old

Peter Jansson

Peter Jansson, 18 years old

2 comments on “Lower league player development

  1. How did this turn out ?
    Specifically. How much CA gains did each player make from lower league game time year to year.

    I’m really interested in that.

    • Hey! To be honest, I haven’t got far with this project but I can tell you unfortunately there are lots of limitations on players playing in lower leagues and various things will limit their development. These players tend to not be a mentally strong as the players who have higher PA and only become decent for the level they are at. Seeing as you’re interested though, I will endeavour to go back to this save and see where the players end up!

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