My possession tactic and brief guidelines – download and share!

Hi guys. Some of you were interested in the possession tactic I mentioned so here it is. The tactic

jeonbuk tactic

The shape the team is set to is conducive to short, accurate passes allowing highly effective ball retention. With skillful players you can pass around your opposition for fun and as long as your more attacking players can finish, you should score freely too. Admittedly, my main striker seemed to miss countless one-on-ones but I doubt you can blame that on the tactic, I think it’s either a match engine problem or my player is just poor.

The team instructions are pretty obvious really. Short passing, slower tempo. I play a high line so we can win the ball back quicker and to give space behind our defence so we can comfortably recycle possession using our goalkeeper and centre backs.

Player instructions can be left alone but feel free to make minor changes as long as you don’t tell them to dribble too much or pass too direct as this would result in losing possession more often unless you have very talented dribblers. Still though, only allow one or two, three at a push, players creative freedom.

That’s about it. Any questions, ask me on Twitter @footymanagermad

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