Pentagon Challenge – attack or defend?


I have a little Football Manager conundrum at the moment: I’ve really struggled to defend in most of my FM14 saves and it’s led to me taking a cautious approach. In my pentagon challenge, my very first save on this year’s game, I am managing Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in South Korea and we’ve a very good defensive record, having conceded the second fewest goals in the league but we’ve also only scored the joint second fewest leaving us eighth out of 12 clubs.

Our lack of goals could be caused my a number of factors. Maybe we lack creative players or maybe it’s the nagging worry in the back of my mind that I’ll ship goals if I play an attacking style. Maybe my formation using one striker does not suit the forwards at my disposal – I know it’s usually ideal your lone striker is strong and tall however Lionel Messi is neither and goes it alone up front.

Messi plays as a false nine though so he can make the most of the space in front of an opponent’s defence whereas my poacher/ advanced forward would be in regular contact and physical competition with big defenders.

Interestingly, I have heard from various quarters of the FM community that FM14 favours an attacking approach and that possession football is hard to utilise successfully.

What about a counter-attacking style though? I’ve always played attacking or possession-based tactics on Football Manager but this year I wanted to try my hand at something different. There’s more than one way to play football.

Here are my current formations and shouts (very much a work in progress as I haven’t noticed they make any difference yet!):

Main tactic 1:

tactic 1 jeonbuk

Main tactic 2:

tactic 2 jeonbukAfter noticing our lacks of goals and realising we have to improve that side of our game to climb the K League Classic I’m definitely going more attacking and am going to consider how we can create more chances. If you have any advice for me after seeing my tactics, please let me know in the comments or on twitter @footymanagermad


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