Pentagon Challenge: Starting with Witbank Spurs in South African National First Division

It’s the ultimate modern Football Manager challenge. And I’ve always wanted to try it but put it off thinking I’d never have enough patience.

Well, I changed my mind recently at a time I needed a new spark to keep playing my favourite PC game.

If you’re not wise to it, the Pentagon Challenge involves starting a game unemployed with sunday league experience, and you have to win the champions league in Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe.

If you’ve won any champions league or gained promotion with a team before you’ll know it can take years and years so to do it in five continents starting with a reputation worse than ex-Blackburn boss Steve Kean’s presents a huge task.

Below is a video overview of my club, the results from my first six months in charge and my best players.

This is the first proper video I’ve put together hence the lack of commentary, however, I plan to include this in future videos.

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve inherited a decent group of players and was able to sign several youngsters on frees who’ve performed way above my expectations.

I’m using an evolution of a 4-2-3-1 tactic you can download from True Football Manager which is by far my favourite and go-to plan.

As you can see in my video our results have been good but promotion to the Premier Soccer League where I’ll eventually be able to qualify for the CAF (the Confederation of African Football) Champions League  is in the balance and maybe even unlikely.

We’ve actually spent most of the season so far in the top three but  are currently three points adrift of its play-off spots.

On the other hand, our finances aren’t looking great, we are spending nearly £3000 over our wage budget and have debts of £486,000.

I really recommend giving the Pentagon Challenge a go yourself as it’s made me excited about Football Manager again at a time I felt burned out on it.

The idea of the long and hopefully glorious journey ahead for my manager is constantly turning over in my mind.

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