Profit challenge with Sampdoria

I’ve started a career at Sampdoria, inspired by the will to manage Italian football legend, Antonio Cassano. He recently returned to Sampdoria at a time when he must have wondered if he’d ever play football again. I’ve not got far yet but I’ve had a cheeky idea for a project which could make this venture interesting.

Sampdoria is one of several Italian clubs with a history of importing South American, especially Brazilian, talent and this was the catalyst for my idea to buy and sell Brazilians. However, Italian clubs can only buy two non-EU players from abroad per season so I’ll look for bargains elsewhere too.

I’ve been amazed by Leicester’s value-for-money signing, Riyad Mahrez, who only cost them £375,000. He’s probably worth fifty times that now.

I want to find other Mahrez’s out there. Porto have had continued success buying South American players and selling them for massive profits.

The only rules I need to abide by for this challenge are:

  • Pay no more than £1m for any player until we have a balance of £50m (currently £16m)
  • Concentrate on signing Brazilians, however other cheap players are allowed

It’s as simple as that really. I find the financial side of FM fascinating; it always provides an extra dimension to a game but I’ve never really focused on making profit for profit’s sake before. Can I do what I’ve never done before?


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