Sampdoria career update: buying and selling for profit

It’s fitting that as I write this follow-up piece, I’m watching the team that inspired the transfer policy at my club: Leicester City.

Bargain signings, like Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez, are what I’m aiming for in my ‘Profit Challenge’ (introduction post here).

Since I took over at Sampdoria in Serie A, I’ve made four signings, a conservative number for me, and I’ve done quite well at sticking to my one self-imposed rule of spending no more than £1m on a player to make selling for a profit easier until we have a balance of at least £50m. It is currently £19.4m.



Daniel Sampaio Simoes

I love skillful, technical players. Danielzinho has skill in abundance with 16 technique and 16 dribbling. Maybe he could even show his hero, Ronaldinho, a thing or two. He cost us exactly £1m after each fee was added up and he’s 19 so has plenty of time to improve to a point where he could be sold for a big profit.

He’s physically weak but we can work on that. I’m concerned about his lacklustre work rate and teamwork but with 16 flair he will surely entertain the fans.


Eronildo dos Santos Rocha

Eron was picked up by my director of football so I don’t know a lot about him. He looks like your typical talented young Brazilian striker (although he’s not very fast) so let’s hope he fulfills his promise.

He only cost us 300k so we have little to lose and he could make us a lot of money.

Eron interview and goals


Svensson is a versatile Norwegian player who can play at right back and right wing back and centre midfield. He cost us £1.1m so I broke the £1m rule by a fraction. He’s only 22 though and looks like a solid investment.


Victor Andrade dos Santos

I’ve broken the £1m rule by quite a bit here but I couldn’t say no to the chance to sign Victor Andrade for £3.5m. He’s only 20 and he was one of the resulting players from a search based on Riyad Mahrez’s key attributes. He looks like he could become absolutely class and I knew of him when he used to play for Santos in his teens. 16 technique, 17 flair, 15 dribbling and he’s quick! I can see Andrade fetching upwards of £20m in a few years if I can help him develop. I couldn’t believe it when Benfica said they’d accept a lump sum of £3.5m for him.

On the pitch

In terms of results we are doing quite well. We qualified for the group stage of the Europa League and then made the first qualifying round for which we await the draw.

In Serie A we’re 11th at the end of November 2015 after a poor start but we’re on good form having lost only two of our last eight while winning five.


Spurs have been sniffing round my Italian striker, Eder, 29, who’s valued at £12.25m. We only paid £3m for him in 2012 so it might be the right time to sell him despite the fact he’s our top goalscorer. It’s a dilemma! The youngsters I’ve signed won’t arrive until summer 2016 but Svensson will in January 2016 so he will give us cover and we can start to try to boost his market value.

In the next article, after about a year in-game, I will hopefully be able to tell you my signings are playing well and improving and I’ll have a better idea if I can succeed at buying and selling players for a big profit. Until then, thanks for reading.

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