Saturday sessions: off-the-cuff FM games on a lazy afternoon

Team: Real Madrid Date: 23.September.2036 Day’s play so far: around 3 hours

Results: Valencia 3-0, Tottenham 1-1, Valladolid 2-3, Deportivo

I’ve had a really busy week at work, commuting two and a half hours to and fro every day, leaving the house at 6.30am and returning at 9pm so I’ve had less time to enjoy Football Manager.

I’m off this weekend though so, as soon as I’d brushed my teeth and had a shower, I switched on my laptop and got playing.

Anyone who reads my tweets will know I’ve enjoyed managing Middlewich Town in the 12th tier of the English football leagues pyramid. Today I fancied something very different so I turned to my Pentagon Challenge save where I’m managing Real Madrid in 2036.

It’s been a very leisurely morning/ afternoon and in more than three hours I’ve only played three games and I’m in my fourth as I write.

The first game of the day was against Valencia in the league. Everything went to plan as I had my first cup of tea of the day and we won 3-0 with the exotically-named Englishman, Alessandro Piave, earning the MotM award. He scored a couple including the opener which came inside five minutes – it’s always nice to score early.

madrid goal

madrid goal 2As I gradually woke up to the world and the rain outside persevered my Madrid team ventured in to their first Champions League group game of the season against Tottenham. It is my former club so I had mixed emotions and I knew we’d face talented players.

While I ate scrambled eggs with bacon the Spurs defence weren’t willing to give me any friendly gifts however we did take the lead on 64 minutes only to be pegged back five minutes from time.

If there’s one thing that irks me about managing a big club it’s the pressure to win. We were fully expected to beat Valladolid in the Liga BBVA clash but we suffered a 3-2 reverse conceding from a penalty at a time we were ‘overloading’. This called for another brew and a contemplative gaze out in to the drizzly east Cheshire sky.

If we are to win the league we can’t afford many slip-ups. The next game saw us take on average-looking Deportivo on a wet Tuesday night. A certain win for us surely, and a perfect opportunity to start building some momentum?

Contemplating another cuppa as I started to yearn for my bed and a kip, I was on the verge of fleeing back to my Middlewich Town save, as we were drawing 0-0 with Deportivo after 59 minutes with absolutely no sign of scoring. Also there’s nothing more annoying than highly-paid players who look like they don’t care.

We drew 0-0, I went to get refreshments, and I have indeed fled to my stress-free Middlewich Town save. Cheers and see ya later!

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