The athletic CM you can’t do without in Football Manager 2013

After finding such success with Marco Benassi in my Genoa squad and Andre Almeida in my Benfica save I’ve realised how effective midfielders like them can be in FM13.

Andre AlmeidaTheir individual role and instructions are paramount of course and I will go through these in this article.

When I started playing FM13 in November I wanted to win everything and play just like Barcelona by keeping the ball and using flair players with creativity and skill.

What I wanted above all though was a deep lying Xavi-esque midfielder who would pull the strings, this sort of player fascinates me at the moment.

Nevertheless, Xavi is one in a million and I failed to find someone just like him for the clubs I’ve managed – I don’t want to manage Barca because I want to build a dynasty at a club from the ground up or ‘rebuild the club from top to bottom’ as you’d say in an FM press conference.


Moreover, I don’t think I’ve worked out all of the qualities needed for a player on FM to perform like Xavi anyway, e.g. what allows him to control the tempo of the game and help his team keep possession? It’s not just good passing.

There’s another midfield role that seems to work well on FM13 and it’s what I’ll called an ‘athletic centre midfielder’, a player who has acceleration, good anticipation, natural fitness, technique, long shots and off the ball.

These might not be the only attributes this role requires but they’re the ones that stand out to me and seem to make sense.

Here are a few other non-regens who could do well as an athletic centre midfielder:

Athletic centre midfielders

Here are Benassi’s instructions:

Benassi instructions

The most important instruction I think is run from deep set to often as this means the player arrives late in or just outside the opponent’s penalty area where he won’t always be picked up and can score from rebounds and crosses.

Benassi scored 15 goals last season which he hasn’t come close to replicating this year, however, I used very similar instructions, including run from deep – often for Andre Almeida and he scored 9 in 12 from centre midfield.

I wonder if Benassi netted more goals last season because he was playing behind a very good attacking midfielder whose runs would’ve created space and chances for him.

At Benfica, Almeida played behind Pablo Aimar, one of the best to ever play in the attacking midfielder/ advanced playmaker role in my opinion, and he possibly carried out the same job as a foil/ distraction.

If you can find a player who can score goals from the middle of the park it can be a huge asset to you; goals from midfield aren’t easy to get so I hope this article helps you.

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