The Football Manager 2013 Struggle – Too Real?

A titanic struggle has erupted in my household between me and Football Manager 2013.

I’m finding silverware and even progress with clubs harder to come by than a job in Merseyside and I feel that it’s changes to the game since FM 2012 that have created countless obstacles to success.

Admittedly I have joined mainly mid-table clubs in FM13 because I want a challenge but it was never this difficult before and anyway, succeeding with ‘big’ clubs seems just as testing as the expectations are very high.

Moreover, some chairman/ boards have a ridiculous lack of patience and delusional considerations of what your team can achieve like the consortium who took over Parma when I was in charge.

They were nice enough not to sack me at first but following our first campaign in the Europa League for a long time and being in 6th in the second half of the season, the dicks decided it was time for a change of manager.

I was extremely disappointed as I’d reached reasonably far in to the game (2020) and I had plenty of talented re-gens who would surely become world class and help Parma challenge for the Serie A title in a few years.

Sure enough those re-gens who I signed for the club are now being admired by managers from big clubs around Europe and making appearances for their senior national teams.

Anyway, the point is no matter how great it is for some people that the game might be even more realistic than ever, making the experience as stressful as it is for real football managers will surely put some fans off.

I put it to you that it’s possible Sports Interactive have blinkeredly tried to make the game as true-to-life as possible while forgetting it still has to be fun for people to play or buy it.

Having said that, there are some obsessives out there who would play FM even if it made them miserable. In fact, I can’t deny I’ve done that before.

Success seems much harder to come by than in FM12 so maybe patience is the only solution, well that and learning about tactics and man management.

You could say failure is just a part of a football manager’s life; it’s a marathon not a sprint and you have to keep working at it before you will strike gold with a special club.

Nigeria at the ACON

Nigeria at the ACON

Maybe if I give it a year or two with Nigeria and do well in the African Cup of Nations I could get a job at a top club and I’ll have the tools to win trophies every season.

Or it could be about waiting to get lucky with a team where the players at my disposal just happen to work really well with the tactics I decide to use but I hate the idea of relying on luck to win; that’s not what Barcelona do.

I’m worried that Football Manager will become more realistic and less fun year-on-year and I wonder if FM14 might be a bridge too far for me and others but until then I will persevere!

P.S. Don’t be surprised if I’ve given up and moved on to FMC before my next article!

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