The Wrexham School of Football

Yesterday, I published an article asking if I had achieved my initial goal of creating a football utopia at Wrexham, where players were given the time to develop and nurtured every step of the way.

I’ve achieved two promotions in three seasons and we have a young squad but, looking back, I realise I’ve lost sight of the idea of creating a club where young footballers, even older ones, were given a fair crack at learning to be better.

I want to step back to aiming for this and so I’m going to give our club, Wrexham FC, a nickname: The Wrexham School of Football. It’s no longer just a football club where we aim to win as many matches as possible, sell football shirts and make money. Now, before anything else, Wrexham FC is a football academy for all ages but concentrating on talented youngsters.

We might not see immediate on-the-pitch success with this plan, we might never really see the fruits of our labour as trophies if we have to sell talents who outgrow the club. But, deep down, I actually believe it will yield great success and my patience will really pay off.

The only rule I’m going to impose, although I’ll manage by other ideas too, is: I cannot transfer list any of my players or have anyone over the age of 21 in my youth teams. The only way I can get rid of players is to release them at the end of their contracts. I’m allowed to send players on loan but will only do this if they’re young and need first team football and I really can’t offer it to them.

Here’s to The Wrexham School of Football.

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