Tips for making progress in Pokémon GO

I’ve not been so fascinated with a game since I first caught the Football Manager bug and my FIFA Ultimate Team days.

In fact, I had little-to-no interest in video games for a year or two until a work colleague planted a seed of curiosity which convinced me to download Pokémon GO.

I’ve found it hard to explain to my Poké-skeptic friends why I’ve become obsessed with trying to catch virtual creatures called Pokémon.

Certainly, part of the appeal is the imaginative characters, the way they look and their personalities.

While playing the game I’ve explored parks and mansion grounds, I’ve spoken to strangers I’d never have connected with and I’ve seen all sorts of wildlife, even a hairless baby squirrel.

Something else that makes the game fun is that it has a learning curve. On face value, Pokémon GO might seem like it’s just for children but it takes thought to progress in the game and beat the competition.

But if you want a leg-up from the beginning of your Pokémon GO adventure or if you’re fairly experienced but you’re stuck in a rut, can’t find certain Pokémon, or maybe you’re struggling to level up, here are 3 things I’ve learned that have helped me progress in Pokémon GO:

  1. Get about a bit: Every Pokémon has a type. There are water, grass, fire, electric, ground, poison, normal, fairy, bug, fighting, psychic, rock, ghost, ice, dragon, and flying-type Pokémon, while some have a mix of two types. These types give you an idea of where you might find them. For example, you’re more likely to find a Magikarp near a river, a canal or another body of water. You might find fire Pokémon in places expected to be hot, like a beach, but these can still be found elsewhere. The more places you head to, the wider the variety of ‘Mon you are likely to encounter.
  2. Look in high-traffic areas – places where you expect to find lots of people, like shopping centres. The makers of Pokémon GO seem to have, logically, decided to put more Pokémon spawns in areas where they expect lots of people to be. Makes sense, right? Although people who live in the countryside are missing out. No matter where you are, if you bear in mind what I told you about Pokémon types, you should still be able to find a variety of Pokémon near you. You’ll probably have to travel to catch particularly elusive ‘Mon though.
  3. Stay on the move: more Pokémon will come to you when you’re using your legs than when you’re just sitting down. Incense is also more effective when you’re on the move. Lures can be great but they can also be disappointing. I’ve found the majority of my best Pokémon while I’ve been walking somewhere.

There’s something special about Pokémon GO. It’s extremely entertaining and it’s easy to get hooked while it could be the motivation you need to get outside and exercise! Follow my advice and you’ll be a Pokémon GO master in no time.

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