Trying a tasty new formation on the rise with Wrexham FC

IT HAS been a busy couple of months for me. Work was crazy at Christmas with lots of news needing editing during the Christmas period. And now I’m working some fairly unsociable hours. This is mainly why I haven’t posted much content lately and I apologise for that (maybe some of you don’t mind :]).

But I am back now and I hope I can manage my time better to bring you regular Football Manager 2015 goodies. As well as blog posts, I hope to create an FM podcast with fellow fans of the game who I’ve met on Twitter.

For this particular post, I’m going to talk about my Wrexham FC save. If you don’t follow my blog you won’t know that my career with The Dragons is one of the two or three I’ve played the most on FM15 (I’ve started about 13 careers already but most of them I’ve dumped).

Check out my last article on my Wrexham save here if you want to see more info. Here’s another.

This season has gone better than I could have imagined. Just promoted from the Vanarama Conference, we have occupied one of the top three spots for most of the season so far. A recent slump in form has seen us drop from second to fourth though. It’s frustrating but considering my only goal was to avoid relegation, I’m not being too hard on myself. Hopefully the board haven’t got too greedy and will understand if we can’t keep up our exceptional effort.

I’m sure many of you will agree too that it’s possible to rise through the divisions too quickly. It might be for the best for my squad to mature a bit more before we take the next step. I’m more than happy with player development at the moment and I’m very pleased with some young signings I’ve made with the help of a few really good scouts.

Moreover, I don’t want to rush myself or my players. I want to win things but I’m happy to gradually develop our playing style (even though I think it’s pleasing on the eye and successful already) and ideals. We play great football and it will only be more attractive as we slowly introduce better and better players.

I also feel satisfied with my performance as Wrexham manager. I won Manager of the Year in the Conference when I got us promoted to League 2 and for once I think I’m doing a consistent, good job.


My first year with Wrexham saw us sitting pretty at the top of the Conference for most of the season but all of a sudden we plummeted in to a deep vein of terrible form losing 11 games out of 15 with only one of those games a win. This was after 11 wins out of 12. The mind boggles how that sort of switcharoo in performance and luck can be possible.

We score a lot of goals but also concede a fair few. You could call us the Suarez Liverpool of the lower leagues.

I’m not sure why we score so many goals (or why we cede lots) but I highly recommend trying my current formation. I’d say it’s the first time I’ve tried it in any Football Manager game because it looks a bit strange on-screen.

Here it is:

formationThe idea:

I was probably in bed about to go to sleep and I was fantasizing about using a formation I’ve never used, something that made use of attacking midfielders.

I’ve found that using two strikers seems to work well for me since FM14 as well so I wanted to incorporate this element if I could.

Moreover, I recently wrote an article to explain why I liked the CM (defend) and DLP (support) midfield partnership so much. You can read it here.

I discovered its effectiveness at the start of my Wrexham career when using Dean Keates at CM(D) and Mark Carrington (who has been amazing for me) at DLP(S).

I’m so comfortable using this midfield composition that I felt it would serve me well. And it seems to have. My attacking midfielders score and assist a lot so it will interesting to realise exactly what my deeper midfielders get up to.

I will write a tactical analysis soon on why I think this formation works so well. But, briefly, and without being sure, I think having four attacking players attacking a narrow area of the field makes it difficult for the opposition to mark all of them.

When a team plays a 4-4-2 the opposition’s midfield won’t know whether to push up to my CM and DLP or to drop to mark my two AMs.

I also so play a very high defensive line so that might contribute to pushing the opposition back which will, hypothetically, allow my full backs space to move up and cross.

managerial profile

My managerial attributes are moving along very nicely. I started off with the appropriate skills for Conference level but my defence coaching has really improved. The only slight worry for me is that my mental coaching attributes lie a little low.

My reputation seems decent though and you can see I’m adept at controlling finances. We have never had a balance much below £1m which is a source of pride.

Okay, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.


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