How to do well in Football Manager

  1. Pick a play style or philosophy before you do *anything*.  This will shape *everything* you do. Starting to tinker with tactics or transfers before this is like marrying someone you’ve never met or spoken to. Oh wait… anyway, you should decide how you want your team to play before you make any impulsive buys. A little discipline goes a long way in Football Manager. I usually build a squad of technically gifted players, who have the skills to help the team retain possession. So, if I need a better centre back, I’ll look for someone who can pass and has good composure. Your philosophy will give you direction throughout your career and a clearer picture of where things are going right or wrong.
  2. Be realistic. Be ambitious when setting targets for your club but don’t push yourself too hard or you won’t have fun playing the game. And if you promise too much to the board members at your club, you could end up sacked, which no-one really wants. Plus, you’ll have the time you need to buy the sort of players you want and start building your empire with less pressure.
  3. Know how to manage the press. Press conferences are as annoying to me as they seem to be to most real managers but they’re a necessary evil. And you can use them to your advantage or let them undermine your progress. No matter how disrespectful or repetitive journalists’ questions are, never lose your temper and say something you’ll regret. If you don’t think it’s appropriate to respond on a certain topic, that’s fine, let them call you ‘cagey’, but don’t storm out unless you fancy living on the edge a bit. You can make the most out of press conferences and give your team a morale boost by praising their performance even if they weren’t that great – sometimes your players will benefit from sensitivity. Other times, a bit of gentle criticism can psyche them up for the next game. You’ll also find that staying friendly with the press will ensure journalists don’t target you too harshly when you and your team inevitably hit a bad patch of form.
  4. Buy low, sell high

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