Why do I keep quitting on Football Manager?

I keep quitting. I know it’s never the route to success, because ‘you only lose when you give up’, but after a few years of playing Football Manager, I think I have a good sense of when a group of players and I are incompatible and I think performing below expectations early on in a career is symptomatic of this.

I don’t mind a challenge. You should see the runs of losses I’ve muddled through, never throwing in the towel. If I believe in my team or see improvement in players, it can give me the glimmer I need to keep going.

And perseverance, as we all know, is one of the most valuable assets a sportsman or team can have. Without it, you will never win.

To be pragmatic though, FM is a time-consuming game, and if things just aren’t working, maybe the grass really is greener elsewhere.

I’ve won my fair share of league titles and cups in FM but I failed with Celtic. “How?” you ask. “How can you not succeed with Celtic?”

Maybe it was ‘a lack of match practice’ but when Leigh Griffiths can’t hit a barn door with a banjo all season, you get the feeling it’s just not meant to be.

From Glasgow, I moved on to the Austrian city, Salzburg, to manage FC Red Bull Salzburg.

They have a very talented squad, their youth players are probably comparable to those at any big European club. Valentino Lazaro is an FM favourite and worth a punt for any manager.

It started really well – of course it did; Salzburg are probably the best team in their league. I wanted a more leisurely career, at least at first before I warmed up.

Things have become tough though with my star player, Jonatan Soriano getting injured and being ruled out for a month or two. Maybe I’ll return to try again one day. Not right now though.

I just watched Jamie Carragher’s interview on Sky with Everton boss, Ronald Koeman, and he said something interesting about wanting his team’s pressing to improve.

He said he has some technically good players but inferred that some of them need to improve this aspect of their games or he’ll have to find players who do it more naturally. This has given me something to build a new save around.

I want to take control of a club and build a team with certain attributes.

Obviously I want players with good technique and skill too but I want my team to be known for a certain mental attribute that will also make them hard to beat and successful. It might not work but that’s part of the fun.

I’ll tell you what attribute I’ve decided to build my team around in the next article. I think I want to manage an English Premier League club, possibly Everton.

Until next day, happy FM’ing.

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