World domination challenge with Real Madrid – hala Madrid!

Rambling intro

I’m finally in charge of a European giant in my Pentagon Challenge save, Real Madrid, and it gives me the platform to cement my reputation as the best football manager in the world.  The aim of the challenge, if you are not aware, is to win the Champions League in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America, starting with Sunday league experience, and I’m still a long way from completing it. Nevertheless, I have a great chance to win the European Cup with Madrid and after that I should have little trouble (touch wood) getting the biggest jobs in the other four hospitable continents.

A multitude of derisory offers

In 2036 Madrid still have a very good squad, lots of money and a second-to-none youth system, and as soon as I became manager I was beating other clubs’ transfer offers away with a stick. Man City, for example, seemed particularly obsessed with each of my star players. I didn’t mind the transfer bids. But it really annoyed me they would only bid just above the player’s ‘value’ and were outraged if I asked for more. Maybe I’m confused and a player’s value is the top end of what you can expect to receive but surely you must consider how important the player is to its employer, their age (scope to improve) and if they are one of the best in the world in their position surely it’s fair to demand significantly more than their value?

What’s more, nine times out of 10 when I inquire or bid on a quality player, I’m either flat-out rejected or quoted a ridiculously high price in the region of £80-100m. This aspect of FM14 is frustrating as I don’t think it’s realistic. In reality, if a player is sought after potential rich suitors will generally bid much higher than the player’s ‘street value’ to ensure they get their man.

guerrero bid

Crushing the competition

City, as well as PSG and other cheeky clubs, annoyed me to the point I now want to crush them all by winning everything and having all the best players. At a time I was becoming disillusioned with the game I now have motivation to keep playing!

Once I win the European Cup with Madrid, I will consider continuing with my Pentagon Challenge or starting a new save with a small-ish club.

New tactic

real tacticWhile I was pottering about the house I tried to think of new ideas to make my save fun. I thought about tactics and the first idea that sprang to mind was three AM(C)s running at a defence in unison. My favourite attacking midfielder at the moment is Bayern Munich’s Mario Gotze and I want a player like him to lead our attacks.

This is certainly a work in progress. It might be the first time I’ve used the attacking mentality on FM14 and I’m apprehensive about the number of goals we might concede. Like Liverpool and to a lesser extent, Man City, this season though I might go with the ‘score one more than you’ approach.

If I find I’m conceding soft goals against poor teams it’s likely I’ll retreat to ‘control’ or the ever reliable ‘counter’. It seems a bit of a cowardly move to play cautious football with such good attacking players though and it would appear to defeat the point of using three attacking midfielders.

I took a little tip from @FM_Old_Skool who has written this thread on the SI Games forums about his AFC Bournemouth save where he uses a CM(D) and a DLP(S) which he says provides a ‘double-pivot’, a safer option than using a DLP and a BBM. Considering I have what I consider a lot of attacking players I felt it necessary to use two responsible central midfielders.

So let me show you the guys who are likely to play in the three AM(C) spots in my Real Madrid team:

I brought Alessandri with me from Roma to Spurs. Now I’ve paid Tottenham £20m to be reunited with him in Madrid.

aless-masterpieceAlberto doesn’t have great skills in every area however he does have good attributes in many and very good passing, dribbling and technique. He’s only 21 so could become an incredible attacking mid. He was labelled a wonderkid at 18 and I think our coaches’ reports on him might underestimate his talent.

Regardless, he performs to a very high level on the pitch and was often my most valuable player at Tottenham. There are better players to compete with at Madrid but I think he can continue leading by example.Alfonso-picAlfonso is another guy who seems a bit harshly-rated by our coaches who think he’s a ‘fairly good player’. He has some amazing attributes for an attacking midfielder or even a central midfielder and I can’t wait to see how he does in this approaching 2036/37 Liga BBVA season.

Piave-statsPiave might be our best player in terms of attributes. When I was guiding Weston-super-Mare to the Skrill South title I was dreaming of managing players as good as this guy. Finally got there 🙂 I can’t wait to see what he can do!

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