Wrexham mid-second season review – the Conference entertainers

  • Only THREE in 24 competitive games with fewer than three goals (scored and conceded)
  • THREE or more goals scored in 17 of 24 games
  • FOUR or more scored in eight of 24 games
  • Only five clean sheets in 24 games
  • More than THREE goals conceded eight times in 24 (three wins, four losses, one draw)
  • Scored in every competitive game
  • Scored 14 more than the second most prolific club in the Conference
  • But goal difference is ten worse than first-placed Hartlepool (the third top-scorers) – they say the team with the best defence usually wins
  • Hartlepool have only conceded 16, we have conceded 41! Hartlepool were predicted to come first though. We’re predicted eighth
  • knocked em out
  • Wrexham striker, Louis Moult, is once again the league’s current top goalcorer with 15 in 19 while Elliott Durrel has the most assists with ten in 21 – he also has ten goals

Yes, it’s been a fun season so far, all of the goals have made it exciting to watch. I’ve largely left my team to get on with it and although they’re leaky at the back, we haven’t been shy in front of goal with everyone contributing.

Unsurprisingly, my strikers and attacking midfielders have the best average ratings.

Here’s our formation, not sure if this contributes to conceding goals:


team instructionsTo be honest, I’ve not really thought at any length about why we concede lots of goals, probably because we score enough to negate the problem. I’m sure the fans are happy anyway.

It’s December 5, 2015, so not long until the January transfer window. Time I started to look for maybe a defensive central midfielder and even another deep-lying-playmaker to allow Mark Carrington a rest. You’d probably suggest I sign a defender but I’m convinced my current crop are good enough, they just need to find form and maybe be coach better!

If I can sign a particularly good centre back though, as half of my defenders are quite inexperienced, I might bring him on board as it won’t hurt.

Steve Smith – Wrexham manager

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